Joe Biden Has A Friend Named 'Mouse'

Vice President Joe Biden was in fine barnstorming form at the NAACP conference this morning, delivering a fiery, high-decibel speech that had the audience of civil rights activists on their feet and dancing in the aisles. 

“It’s good to be home! It’s good to home! It’s good to back!” Biden began, to loud cheers, before taking a moment to call out the Delaware delegation, including someone named “Mouse.”

“There’s an old expression that you go home with those that brung you to the dance — well they brung me to the dance!” Biden said. “I went through the battles with Mouse — Hey, Mousey are you out there? Hey, Mousey! How you doin’ man?” 

And so it went. Needless to say, the speech could not have been a starker contrast to Mitt Romney’s uncomfortable warm-up round Wednesday. The Republican candidate drew loud and sustained boos over his call to repeal President Obama’s signature healthcare legislation, a reaction that left Romney off-message and visibly rattled. 

Biden also drew some boos — but only when he told the audience he had to leave. 

Watch a video of his speech below, courtesy of The Daily Beast: 

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