This Texas Firm Is Paying Unprecedented Salaries To Its First-Year Associates

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Photo: silas216/YouTube

The median salary for most first-year associates is barely hovering at $145,000.Unless you work for Bickel & Brewer of course.

The Dallas, Texas-based litigation firm is paying its 2013 first-year associates a base annual salary of $185,000, according to ALM’s Tex Parte Blog.

That’s a whopping $134,946 more than the median household income in 2011, according to the Census Bureau.

“The goal here is always to be ahead of the curve,” founding partner William Brewer said of the firm’s massive offers, according to Above The Law.

Given the fact that most first-years at big corporate firms only make $160,000, we’d say Bickel & Brewer has achieved its goal.

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