Here's The 'Racist' TV Commercial Bic Doesn't Want You To See

Bic racist ad

Photo: Bic / YouTube

Bic is not having a good month. First it was ridiculed for marketing a line of pink pens “For Her.” Then BI noted that Bic’s pens for girls cost more than their regular pens.Now the company has had to pull this ad in Canada after viewers complained it was racist.

The ad shows an Asian prison in which a military official is condemning detainees. One man receives a pardon, but because the official’s pen doesn’t work, he changes his mind and gives him the “condemned” rubber stamp anyway.

The language used in the spot is made up, according to The Globe & Mail. Bic created a Twitter account solely to apologise for the ad — and it consists of a single tweet: “Please accept our apologies for the recent Canadian TV ad. We didn’t intend to offend anyone with this ad, and have discontinued airing it.” Bic spokesperson Linda Kwong told the G&M, “We’re not proud of the ad.” It was made by CP+B, which is known for ads that provoke as much as they sell.

Here it is. Tell us what you think:


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