Ex-Porn Star Says Rob Gronkowski Dropped Passes Because He Was Thinking Of Her

We all remember the Bibi Jones (porn star)-Rob Gronkowski relationship from last football season right?

Well, a lot has changed since last season. Bibi retired from the porn industry and goes by her real name now, Britney Maclin, and Gronk had the best summer ever.

But according to Maclin, their relationship is still there. She tweeted last night, referring to the 20-18 Patriots loss to the Cardinals on Sunday:

She also tweeted another photo of her and Gronk that seems to be an old photo from last year calling it “A pic of Gronk and I no one has ever seen lol — naughty!”

Just a few minutes later though, Maclin tweeted again that someone she was partying with in Boston took her phone and sent the picture adding “this is gonna be drama.”

We don’t really know if the world was supposed to see the picture of Maclin and Gronk but now it’s out there (warning: NSFW) and just another chapter in the wild life of Rob Gronkowski.

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