WASHINGTON POST: 'Israelis Seem Resigned To A Strike On Iran'


Photo: AP

The news that Iran refused nuclear inspectors reached Israel late yesterday, adding to feelings there of an unavoidable conflict to come.Joel Greenberg at The Washington Post reports the Israeli mood of resignation regarding war with Iran may best be summed up in the TV satire “A Wonderful Country.”

From The Post:

In one scene, a house-hunting couple is shown a Tel Aviv apartment facing a drab housing project as a real estate agent proclaims that the place will have a view of the sea. “In June, that whole row of buildings won’t be here anymore,” she cheerfully informs the prospective buyers, gazing out a window.

“Are they making a park here?” asks the woman viewing the apartment with her husband. “No,” chirps the agent, “there’s the business with Iran this summer.”

Greenberg says the likelihood of conflict with Iran is being viewed by Israelis much like an impending storm. Something to be aware of, but totally out of their control.

Tuesday Iran warned it would strike first if it felt threatened.

Read the rest of Greenberg’s post here >

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