The New World Trade centre Will Have Security Like You’ve Never Seen

freedom tower thumb google earth

With two attacks against the site already, Port Authority officials know that the new World Trade centre will need to be tightly protected against future threats.

Josh Margolin at The New York Post learned that the 16-acre site will have military-like surveillance unlike any other public building in America.

The new security measure will include:

  • Infrared and thermal cameras fitted with explosive and radiation detectors
  • Facial and retinal scanners evaluating whether visitors are on any watch lists
  • behaviour monitoring systems that will track visitors and look for “unusual movement”

Such behaviour would include:

  • Walking against the flow of traffic
  • Unexpected or erratic movements
  • Leaving an unattended bag

Margolin points out that these security enhancements will be in addition to the cameras already in place downtown, and are expected to costs “tens of millions of dollars.”