Help Business Insider spruce up its office with our first photo contest!

Here at Business Insider, we’re growing rapidly. In the last year, we’ve moved into a new office and have since expanded to two floors. We just keep getting bigger and bigger!

One thing we also have a lot of is wall space. We thought the lack of art in our office was starting to look sad, so we called on our team to submit their best photos for our first ever Business Insider photo contest. They gave us some amazing shots taken all over the world, including great snaps from our offices in San Francisco and London.

When it came time to pick the winners, we thought who better to decide the best pictures than our loyal readers. So, check out the pictures and at the end, be sure to pick your favourites. We’ll post pics of the framed art hanging on our walls.

The streets of New York City are busy, no matter the hour.

But you don't forget to look up every once in a while.

No matter how you travel in the Big Apple, you can find beauty.

Especially on the way to the beach.

Don't get us wrong, other cities are beautiful, too. Take London for example, where our office is growing by the day!

Outdoors or inside, there's always something to see.

Same with our nation's capital.

Or in San Francisco, where our BI bureau knows where to look for the right story, or the right view.

There's always somebody hanging out.

We don't have offices in Japan yet, but we can dream.

Seems to be a lot going on out there.

We've been all over the world and seen a lot of amazing sights.

Even ones in our own home turf.

Our team is all about the love.

Even brotherly love.

We see beauty in the nature all around us.

And all the creatures too.

From the mountains... the valleys.

We definitely take time to sit in the shade once in a while.

But then it's back to work in our wonderful city.

We love it all, from the bridges that take us to work.... the amazing architecture and buildings all around us.

Especially the one just down the street from our office!

Now, tell us which shots you liked best! Here's a refresher:

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