Wall Street's brightest minds reveal the MOST IMPORTANT CHARTS IN THE WORLD

Here they are: the most important charts in the world.

The last time we ran this feature, the investing world was a different place.

The US dollar has continued its rally.

The ECB announced QE.

And now Greece is back at the center of the conversation in global financial markets.

In the early part of the year, Wall Street also has an eye towards Europe, towards Asia, and the US consumer, who has shown increasing confidence as payroll gains have remained solid and the price of gas has tumbled.

Other strategists have looked at the catalyst for gas price declines — the drop in oil prices — and asked where we go from here, and if OPEC is still really in control.

But we’ll let the charts do the talking.

Michael Feroli, JPMorgan

Aswath Damodaran, Stern School of Business

Josh Brown and Michael Batnick, Ritholtz Wealth Management

Ellen Zentner, Morgan Stanley

Dan Greenhaus, BTIG

Jared Woodard, BGC Financial

Kit Juckes, Société Générale

Drew Matus, UBS

Raoul Pal, Real Vision Television

Bespoke Investment Group

Brian Smedley, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Jim Walker, Asianomics Group

Adam Parker, Morgan Stanley

Matt Busigin, New River Investments

Francisco Blanch, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

David Zervos, Jefferies

John Kiff, IMF

Josh Ayers, Paradarch Advisors

Jesse Livermore, Philosophical Economics

Joe Weisenthal, Bloomberg Markets

Andrew Wilkinson, Interactive Brokers

Radoslaw Bodys, PKO BP

Gerard Minack, Minack Advisors

Vladimir Miklashevsky, Danske Bank

Gennadiy Goldberg, TD Securities

Jeffery Kleintop, Charles Schwab

Joe LaVorgna, Deutsche Bank

David Cui, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Uldis Zelmenis, BTA Insurance

Worth William Wray, Mauldin Companies

Nicholas Spiro, Spiro Sovereign Strategy

Gökhan Kula, MYRA Capital

Jonathan Golub, RBC Capital Markets

George Goncalves, Nomura

Frederik Ducrozet, Crédit Agricole

Alexander Ineichen, Ineichen Research & Management

Michelle Meyer, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Simon Hunt, Simon Hunt Strategic Services

Stephen Baines, Kames Capital

Naufal Sanaullah, Macrobeat

Sean Darby, Jefferies

David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff

Rich Yamarone, Bloomberg LP

David Schawel, Square 1 Asset Management

Paul McNamara, GAM UK

Mohammed Yaseen Nalla, Nedbank Capital

Martin Enlund, Nordea Markets

Jeremy Cook, WorldFirst

Claus Vistesen, Pantheon Macroeconomics

Claus Vistesen, Pantheon Macroeconomics

Jim O'Neill, economist

David Woo, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Dave Lutz, JonesTrading

Aurelija Augulyte, Nordea Markets

Alan Ruskin, Deutsche Bank

Tadas Viskanta, Abnormal Returns

Steve Feiss, Government Perspectives

Saeed Amen, The Thalesians

Richard McGuire, Rabobank

Oleg Melentyev, Deutsche Bank

Marc Chandler, Brown Brothers Harriman

Charles Dumas, Lombard Street Research

Diana Choyleva, Lombard Street Research

Neil Dutta, Renaissance Macro

Mark Dow, Behavioural Macro

Grant Williams, Real Vision Television

Tobias Levkovich, Citi

Rick Rieder, BlackRock

Mohammed Yaseen Nalla, Nedbank Capital

Walter Zimmermann, United-ICAP

Jonathan Golub, RBC Capital Markets

Francisco Blanch, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Tom Lee, Fundstrat

Neville Hill, Credit Suisse

Invictus, The Big Picture Blog

Peter Tchir, Brean Capital

Torsten Sløk, Deutsche Bank

Lakshman Achuthan, Economic Cycle Research Institute

Michael McDonough, Bloomberg Intelligence

Albert Edwards, Société Générale

Worth William Wray, Mauldin Companies

Millan Mulraine, TD Securities

George Goncalves, Nomura

Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab

Gary Shilling, economist

Sam Stovall, S&P

Jeffery Kleintop, Charles Schwab

Jesse Livermore, Philosophical Economics

Now that you've seen Wall Street's most important charts ...

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