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The BI Intelligence team wants to share some exciting news. 

In a few weeks, we will expand our service with the launch of a new practice focused on social media. With the addition, BI Intelligence will encompass another emerging digital platform, building on Business Insider’s expertise in the tech economy. Our mission will be to cut through all the noise on social media to deliver real, data-driven insights. 

This means one thing for you right now: twice the insights and data.

Nothing about your mobile membership will change – not the content, not the price. You’ll continue to receive the exact same steady stream of mobile analysis – 1-2 research reports a week, charts and data added to our library daily, a newsletter each morning, and occasional news notes.

At some point in the next few months, the Social Media vertical will require a separate membership. But until it does, you’ll be able to access all of our social media content as part of your mobile membership.

Here is the latest on Social Media from BI Intelligence:

  • Reports: Some of our recent reports include The Social Media Advertising Ecosystem Explained, Teens And Their Mobile-First Habits Threaten To Upend The Tech Industry, and The Future of Social Commerce. In the next few weeks, we’ll be publishing reports on Social TV, Brands And Social Media, advertising primers on LinkedIn and YouTube, and how brands are using Google+.
  • Charts and Data: Check out our library here and go to the Social Media section to see our expanding list. Make sure to check out some of our recent Charts Of The Day here, here, and here. 
  • Daily Newsletter: Sign up here to receive Social Media Insights, our daily newsletter on all things social media (soon to be sent exclusively first thing every morning to BI Intelligence Social Media members).

Over time, our social media library will become as deep as our mobile library – with dozens of research reports and hundreds of charts and data sets to keep you ahead of the key trends and developments. 

We are grateful for your loyalty and we are appreciative of all member feedback  (especially as we expand our editorial coverage). We hope you will feel free to email us any time with questions, comments, or suggestions. 


The BI Intelligence Team

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