10 Items From Oprah's New 'favourite Things' List That We Actually Love


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Not every extravagant product on Oprah Winfrey’s annual “favourite Things” list would make the perfect holiday gift. For every normally priced idea, there are about four other crazy expensive ones.And the 2012 version of the list is no different, with stuff like a $3,000 Octane Fitness Q37ci Elliptical Trainer or a $450 Dyson Pedestal Fan making the cut. Who would buy that for someone for the holidays besides Oprah?

But the woman does have great taste, and there’s no denying more than a few products caught our eye. So instead of focusing on all the nutty gifts she’s planning to give away, we rounded up our favourites.

Plus, some of these items are up to 50 per cent off with the code “OPRAH” until December 31, 2012.

H2O+ Marine Spa Gift Set

This gift set comes with two body washes, two body scrubs, a body lotion, and a body cream all in a light mint and eucalyptus scent. Plus, Oprah says she 'discovered these products at David Copperfield's house' and who doesn't want to smell like David Copperfield, right?

Cost: Originally $122, now $98 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012).

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Tusk Capri Double Zip Checkbook Clutch

'Tired of fishing through your bag for your checkbook and phone? Here's a holds-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink wallet, and it's made of Italian kidskin leather,' gushes Oprah. Though I do have to agree with her, these clutches are really cute.

Cost: Originally $138, now $117 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012).

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012


This is great for the wine lover on your list. The Corkcicle comes in three different versions -- classic cork top, bright coloured top, and even customisable versions. All you need to do is freeze the faux-ice Corkcicle and insert into a wine bottle to keep your vino chilled for over an hour.

Cost: $24.95.

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Beats by Dr. Dre Powerbeats

Dr. Dre Powerbeats are some of the best and highest quality earbuds around. I'm not crazy about Oprah's exclusive 'apple green' colour choice (sorry, O), but you could buy the red, white, or black Dr. Dre headphone versions instead (these are also LeBron James-approved, just FYI).

Cost: $150.00.

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Julep Nail Polish Set

This set has almost every colour of nail polish a person could ever need, from bright red to a trendy mint green. Plus, Julep is a toxin-free nail colour brand and apparently Oprah chose all 12 hues herself. 'There's one for your every mood!' Thanks, Oprah.

Cost: Originally $168, now $84 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012).

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Michael Kors Glam Studded High Tops

'Heels are not my friend. So imagine my delight when I came across these ultra-comfortable, metallic high-tops while shopping at Michael Kors's flagship store in Manhattan,' says Oprah. These shoes are awesome, plus the mental image of Oprah rocking them makes me happy.

Cost: $195.00.

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Swing Design Tray and Boxes

This Elle Storage Box Set that Oprah chose has pretty lacquered boxes that are perfect for apartment storage. Of course, she picked out the bright green version to showcase on her 'favourite Things' page, but they also come in Tiffany blue, white, and black.

Cost: Originally $70 to $120, now $56 to $96 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012).

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Scrabble HD

'You all know how much I love to play Scrabble. Now it's in HD!' Oprah's right guys, Scrabble is awesome. And even if your girlfriend doesn't have a Microsoft Surface to play the HD game on, you could just get an old-school version.

Cost: Free for the digital version, $14.99 for a classic version of the game.

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Pipcorn Holiday Crate

Maybe it's just me, but I think giving food for the holidays is a little weird unless someone has specifically asked for it. But who wouldn't be excited to receive a whole crate-load of popcorn? It comes with four gourmet flavours, including lemon truffle, lemon pesto, lemon kettle, and rosemary. Good call, Oprah!

Cost: $88 for set of four flavours.

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

Mel & Rose Moscow Mule Kit

Kits like this one are always a cool idea because people wouldn't normally buy one for themselves. This Moscow Mule kit comes with mugs, vodka, ginger beer, and lime, plus what has to be my favourite piece of Oprah advice from 2012: 'I suggest drinking at least two when you're at Yosemite trying to pitch a tent in the rain with Gayle King.' Will do.

Cost: Originally $145, now $131 with code OPRAH (expires Dec 31, 2012).

Source: Oprah's favourite Things 2012

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