Bezos: More Kindle Titles, More Kindle Titles Selling (AMZN)

We’ve been guessing for quite some time about sales of Amazon’s Kindle e-reader. We have to guess, because Amazon doesn’t give out any details about the product’s performance. But today Jeff Bezos gave us the smallest morsel of info.

Prodded during Amazon’s Q2 earnings call, he offered a single data point: Of the 140,000 titles Amazon sells in both conventional book format and Kindle’s digital format, Kindle titles now account for a “low double digit” percentage of unit sales.

We still don’t what that means in terms of actual unit sales, or actual dollars. But we do know that’s an increase from late May, when Bezos told Walt Mossberg at the D6 confab that the Kindle format accounted for 6% of sales. At the time, Bezos said 125,000 book titles were available for the Kindle.

So that’s… more. But we’re still a long way from judging the success the $359 device, or being able to figure out its impact on Amazon or the publishing business.

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