This Technology Can Tell Whether People Really Mean What They Say

What we say and what we feel don’t always match up.

But what if there was a way to tell what someone was feeling regardless of what they were saying? And what if this technology could be incorporated into technical applications like Siri?

Beyond Verbal believes all this is possible. And they have 18 years worth of research conducted on over 60,000 test subjects in 26 languages to back it up.

The company launched in May, with a $2.8 million first round of funding, led by Genesis Angels, and it just announced an additional $1 million in a second round.

Now the plan is to spread the technology as a cloud-based API-style licensed service for developers and companies to incorporate into their own projects.

Imagine if Siri knew when you were in a bad mood and could put on the right music to pick you up? Or if your car could sense your road rage, and automatically slow down the vehicle? In the not so distant future they might.

Watch below to learn how it works and to see what the software can do when it analyses the emotions of politicians:

Produced by Daniel Goodman; Camera by Justin Gmoser  

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