Beyonce Wears Every Outfit That Made Her Famous In New Pepsi Ad

beyonce bootylicious

Beyonce released a new commercial today for Pepsi in which she confronts some of her past looks from old music videos.

We did the world a huge favour by going through the video, frame by frame, and identifying which of Beyonce’s old looks were resurrected for the new spot.

You’re welcome.

Here they are, in order as they appear in the ad.

An older version of herself appears in one of the mirrors. But which of her hits did she wear this outfit for?

Beyonce is then confronted by this reflection herself in a wife beater and short-shorts. Which video was this look in?

Next, Beyonce meets this version of herself wearing a distinctive metal glove ornament ...

A flurry of images comes next. Who is the Beyonce in the big hat?

Who is the Beyonce in the white dress?

Who is the Beyonce in the gold dress with the big hair?

Which Beyonce wore this green rah-rah skirt?

Who is this Beyonce with the gold dress?

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