Beyonce Knowles Gets $425,000 Taxpayer Bailout On Her House In Texas

Beyonce Knowles


Unlike say, Nic Cage or Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce Knowles is living the life. She and her husband Jay-Z are worth a reported $265 million and she’s still the hottest singer on radio.

But did you know Beyonce’s father Matthew Knowles owns a block of property in Galveston, Texas that was devastated by Hurricane Ike? And did you know that FEMA is going to pay Beyonce and her father a cool $425,000 to reimburse them for close to the original value of the house? Yep, it’s true, according to an excellent report from Mother Jones.

The house is one of 68 that will receive a FEMA-sponsored buyout according to KHOU. Lucky them. So what’s the area like – or the house for that matter? We found a similar home right on Beyonce’s block thanks to

Here's Beyonce with father/landowner Matthew

The Knowles' apparently own several properties on Sand Crab Lane

So we found 4110 Sand Crab Lane for sale. Here it is from the front.

A view of the street from the property.

The porch has plenty of space for entertaining.

The garage area. Let's head inside!

It features a modest kitchen.

A bit small for a dining room, don't you think?

The living room has high ceilings and big windows with lots of light.

A view from the top.

A decent-sized bedroom awaits.

Another bedroom (with bunk beds!)

Hideous sheets await you in this bedroom.

According to Trulia, it's a low-crime area.

Here's FEMA's flood map of the area.

Source: FEMA

Let's take a tour of the street, courtesy of Google Maps.

A view down the block towards the ocean and beach.

Beautiful homes surround the area.

Sand Crab Lane's only intersection. Must be nice.

Just a stone's throw away from the gorgeous beaches of Galveston.

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