Meet The Team Behind The Film Poised To Clean Up At The Oscars -- In 2013


The stars are aligning to give the remake of “A Star Is Born” an unmatched arsenal of Hollywood firepower.

Let’s look at the facts: Clint Eastwood is directing.

Beyonce Knowles is starring — in exactly the sort of role that carried “Dreamgirls” to a $100 million-plus box office take.

Basil Iwanyk — whose films made $878 million last year, and whom we recently profiled as one of the industry’s most successful filmmakers — is producing.

And now it sounds like Leonardo DiCaprio may star opposite Knowles.

Seriously, that’s one stacked deck. It’s hard to imagine how such a lineup could fail (and by “fail,” we mean make less than $100 million and not garner a Best Picture nod.)

(Which is why by the time the 2013 release rolls around, snarkers will be rooting for it to do just that.)

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