HBO wants Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ to win an Emmy, and it has a great shot

Beyonce lemonade

Beyoncé latest “visual album” debuted on HBO Saturday, but conversation about it hasn’t gone anywhere.

Now HBO is submitting the hour-long film “Lemonade” (which you can now find on iTunes and Tidal) to the Emmy Awards in the variety special category, Variety reports.

For HBO, this move is a no-brainer. The Emmys love star power, particularly in the more specialised categories: The last winner of the variety special category was NBC’s star-studded “Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special.”

It would Beyoncé’s first Emmy win if she nabs it, but not her first nomination.
She was nominated twice before, for her Super Bowl halftime show and for her “On the Run” concert special with Jay Z, also on HBO.

The main directors credited on “Lemonade” are the singer herself and Kahlil Joseph, but several more worked on the project, including music-video veterans Jonas Akerlund and Mark Romanek. HBO is still working out who would be considered in a potential nomination.

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