Beyoncé, Gwyneth, Reese And Cameron Unite For New Ryan Murphy Film


Paltrow! Witherspoon! Diaz! Beyoncé! Samberg!The star wattage on this new film is enough to power a whole city. 

“Glee” creator Ryan Murphy is taking on yet another musical adventure—this time on the big screen. 

According to, the TV producer and sometimes movie director has brought together a cavalcade of stars for his new movie “One Hit Wonders.”

The movie will focus on three singers played by Cameron Diaz and Oscar-winners Gwyneth Paltrow and Reese Witherspoon who each had a number one hit on the charts during the 90s, but soon became forgotten. 

So the trio decide to form a super-group in order to recapture their fame in present day. 

Paltrow, Witherspoon and Diaz in a film alone is a big deal, but add Beyonce into the mix (in an unspecified role) and things are really about to get fierce.

Further, “Saturday Night Live” cast member and all-around funnyman Andy Samberg will be joining the gang. Put all that together and you get a new, women-friendly Brat Pack.

Samberg’s own little super-group The Lonely Island will be putting together the songs for this crazy venture. If their track record has proven anything, it’s that they are hilarious. 

We do hope this doesn’t mean we’ll be hearing any female versions of “D*** in a Box” though…

Murphy will be penning the script for this pet-project as well as directing it and shooting will presumably start sometime next year, after Murphy is finished directing the big screen adaptation of the play “The Normal Heart.” 

So what kind of music should this super-group sing? If it’s anything like the songs SNL’s Maya Rudolph‘s character used to sing on “Up All Night,” this movie will be uproariously funny. 

We cannot wait to see this.

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