Beware, That Hot Girl On Facebook Could Be A Gay Blackmailer


It’s fairly well known that a lot of men get cheap thrills by masquerading as women on the Internet, trying to pick up guys.

But guys, no matter how cute that “girl” is, please don’t send naked pictures of yourself to people you’ve never actually met. (Actually, be especially wary of girls with really cute profile pics.)

Consider the case of 18-year-old Anthony Stancl:

InformationWeek: Police have charged Wisconsin 18-year-old Anthony Stancl with sexual assault and accused him of copying female Facebook members’ photos, pretending to be a girl, and persuading male schoolmates to send nude photos. Police claim he then threatened to distribute the photos to the whole school unless the boys had sex with him.

Now here comes the really creepy part: What do you do if you find yourself in that situation? If it was us, we’d probably storm off angry some Internet freakshow suckered us. It seems not everyone would handle the situation the same way.

Police claim Stancl obtained pictures of 31 boys and sexually abused at least seven in school bathrooms, a parking lot, and in some victims’ homes. They are continuing to investigate and search for more victims.

Seven out of 31 is… about 23%?

Walk away, guys. Next time, just walk away,

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