BEWARE: Fake Speeding Ticket Emails Are Distributing Ransomware

A new email scam pretending to be a speeding ticket issued by a government authority is downloading ransomware on to Australian computers.

The federal government’s Stay Smart Online website has released a warning should you received the ‘Penalty Notice’ email to delete it immediately, and not to press the ‘ACT NOW’ button as it is a file containing ransomware which could severely impact your system.

The website could easily be mistaken as authentic but the current examples circulating are generic and do not refer to the recipient’s name, address, vehicle or registered owner details.

NSW Office of State Revenue has also advised it does not issue penalty notices or reminders by email.

If you are unsure Stay Smart Online suggests you navigate to the original website or phone the source yourself to cross check its information.

Here’s a look at the scam.

Example of the email scam.

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