Beverly Hills plans to use driverless cars for public transport

Beverly hills cars

The swanky California neighbourhood of Beverly Hills is planning to introduce a fleet of self-driving cars to help facilitate public transportation.

Beverly Hills’ City Council recently passed a resolution to create a program that would use a fleet of driverless cars to facilitate the city’s public transportation system.

The idea is that people will use their smartphones to request an autonomous vehicle, which will then take them from point A to point B within the city limits.

The program is still very much in the early stages, but the City Council said in a press statement that they are already working to develop the infrastructure to support autonomous vehicles.

According to a Beverly Hills press statement, the city is currently designing a citywide network of fibre optics cables, which will help smart cars communicate while on the road.

No word yet on what cars will be used in the fleet, but the statement mentions that the city will work to develop relationships with manufacturers of self-driving cars like Google and Tesla.

Beverly Hills, of course, isn’t the only city looking to introduce autonomous vehicles into its public transportation system.

Singapore already has a program in place that enables people to hail an autonomous shuttle via smartphone app. Amsterdam has a similar program and London will be introducing a trial this year that uses driverless pods.

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