Bettor Correctly Picks 14 NFL Games In A Row, Loses $US100,000 Jackpot After Colts Collapse On Monday Night Football

A gambler in Delaware lost a 15-game NFL parlay bet that would have won him $US100,000 in painful fashion on Monday, ESPN’s David Purdum reports.

The bettor correctly picked the first 14 games of the parlay against the spread. The Monday Night Football game between the Eagles and the Colts was the final game. If the Colts won by more than a field goal, he would have won $US100,000 on the $US5 bet.

It looked like he was going to win it. The Colts were up 17-6 at halftime. They were up 20-6 with five minutes left in the third quarter. They were up 27-20 and had the ball deep in Eagles territory with five minutes left in the fourth quarter. But Andrew Luck threw an interception, the Eagles scored 10-straight points to win 30-27, and the gambler went home empty handed.

Delaware allows betting on the NFL under its Sports Lottery program, but all bets must be parlays of three or more games. You can’t bet on individual games. So even if he wanted to hedge his bet after winning the first 14 games of the 15-game parlay, he couldn’t have unless he bought a plane ticket and flew to Las Vegas on Monday morning (which actually might have made some sense, now that we think of it).

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