Gary Bettman Says The Shootout Is Here To Stay


Photo: AP

The commissioner has spoken, and the shootout isn’t going anywhere.We’ve written about it before, but today word came from NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman who indicated that the shootout is here to stay.

“There has been no move whatsoever to get rid of the shootout. 70% of our fans in the United States and Canada want a decision [in games].”

The NHL recently amended its rules so that shootout victories would no longer be included as tiebreakers for playoff berths, leading some to speculate about whether support for the shootout was waning.

But just as NHL execs want playoff berths to be decided based on team play, that doesn’t mean they are against having shootouts during regular season games.

Only 10% of this season’s games have gone to the shootout, down 5% from last year.  

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