Betting Will Peak At Two Thousand Punts Each Second On Melbourne Cup Day

The Melbourne Cup might stop the nation but nothing cam stop the Tabcorp betting machines which the company reports will be running at an eye-watering 2000 transactions per second at peak times next Tuesday.

In the presentation for its AGM, being held today, Tabcorp also says that punters in Victoria and New South Wales will overwhelmingly bet with the Tab which will account for 74% of bets in those states.

Strangely more is wagered in NSW than Victoria.

Tabcorp also says that around $92 million was bet on the Melbourne cup with it in 2012 a statistics that is bound to make Australian retailers green with envy.

Oh and to recap Tabcorp reported net profit after tax of $126.6 million down on last year as a result of changes in Victorian gaming regulations and loss of income at Tabaret. But it still paid a dividend of 19 cents a year for a payout ratio of 81%.

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