Better Place's Battery Swapping Robot In Action (VIDEO)

Better Place is showing off its battery swapping technology in the very cool, Space Odyssey 2001, feeling video below. This is in Japan as part of an exhibit to show of the feasibility of electric cars. Japan wants half its cars to be electric by 2020.

Swapping stations are one of the keys to making electric cars gain mass adoption, in Better Place’s opinion. Just like we now pull into gas stations, gas up and go, we’ll be able to get new batteries, fully charged and take off. Building one of these swapping stations is supposed to cost $500,000.

It’s unclear that we’ll see Better Place’s swapping technology gain mass acceptance. So far, the majority of the chatter from car makers is that they don’t plan on putting their batteries on the bottom of the car. And even if they did, each company seems to have its own battery design, so we’re not sure if they’ll all work in this system.

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