Radical Electric Car Company Better Place Begins Roll Out In Israel

better place

Innovative electric car company Better Place has begun their commercial rollout in Israel.

According to ABC News, 100 of their electric vehicles are beginning deliveries to customers across the country.

Better Place uses a Renault Fluence electric car with a 100 mile range as their vehicle of choice. That means the Fluence has a comparable range to the Nissan Leaf and other electric cars that are currently on the market.

The difference occurs in how the car is charged.

Instead of taking hours to charge the battery, a driver pulls in to a Better Place centre where the drained battery is taken out of the car and is replaced by a fully charged unit.

This process takes approximately as long as it does to fill a standard tank of gas.

Basically, Better Place owns the batteries for the cars and charges based on the energy consumed. This brings costs down and also makes an electric car operate quite similarly to a traditional gas powered vehicle.

Better Place now has dozens of charging stations spread across Israel. If the program becomes a success, look for more to pop up in other countries soon.

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