Skinnygirl founder Bethenny Frankel shares the 2 important life lessons Ellen DeGeneres taught her

Bethenny ellen
Ellen DeGeneres gave Bethenny Frankel some memorable advice. getty

Ellen DeGeneres is a pro at giving seriously good life advice, according to Skinnygirl founder, author, and entrepreneur Bethenny Frankel.

“Ellen DeGeneres said to me, ‘You will keep repeating the same mistakes until you actually learn the lesson,’ which I think is true,” Frankel recently told Business Insider.

DeGeneres also advised her to avoid stressing over what fans and haters think or say.

“Don’t get caught up in how much people love you and also don’t get sucked down by how much people hate you,” Frankel says.

She also shared the worst piece of career advice she ever received — and the important lesson she learned from it.

Frankel says early on, when she first told “a man who was very successful in the liquor business” about the Skinnygirl brand, he essentially told her to give up.

“He said, ‘Cut your losses, it’s so hard to do well in the liquor business, and there’s no such thing.’ He told me that it wasn’t going to be a success.”

Frankel said this taught her to never assume anyone is smarter than you.

“It doesn’t mean to rise up and act like you are smarter than them; it just means to do your homework and be able to trust your gut and believe in your passion,” she says.