This San Francisco Startup Could Have Dressed Zuckerberg For Wall Street Success

Executive Pinstripe Hoodie

Oh, come on. Hoodie-hating analyst Michael Pachter of Wedbush Securities, who slammed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg for his informal getup, now claims that it would have been OK if he showed up in a “jacket over jeans.”

Or some kind of mythical “pinstriped hoodie.”

Well, thanks to the endless ingenuity of Wall Street-ignoring Left Coasters, there just happens to be such a miracle garment.

That’s right: Betabrand, a San Francisco startup known for hawking quirky outfits like its horizontal-corduroy Cordarounds, is selling an Executive Pinstripe Hoodie just in time for the Facebook IPO.

Take that, suit-pushers!

Here’s Pachter’s latest sartorial sally, delivered on Bloomberg TV:

“What I said was, when a public company CEO goes to Wall Street and asks Wall Street for money, it’s appropriate to dress for the occasion. I didn’t even say suit…I mean, a jacket over a T-shirt and jeans would be fine. It would show some respect. A pin-striped hoodie would have been OK. That would have been funny—it would have been a great tongue-in-cheek move by Zuckerberg.”

It’s only $148.

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