How To Block Ads On YouTube And 6 Other Cool Tricks

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We love YouTube, but there’s a lot we’d change about it, too.

The ads are a little too obtrusive for us, we’d love to set a default video quality, and the famously obnoxious comments are often better left out completely.

Thankfully there are browser plugins that make it a snap to change the way you interact with the definitive video-sharing site for the better.

Stop YouTube videos from autoplaying

If you'd rather manually start YouTube videos yourself, a plugin called Flashblock can do the trick. It will keep all Flash videos from playing until you click on it.

It's a little complicated though -- it does this for all Flash video, no matter what site it appears on.

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YouTube High Definition

YouTube High Definition is a plugin that automatically plays videos at the highest possible quality. You don't have to toggle the quality from the control panel on each YouTube video you watch.

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Use AdBlock Plus to get rid of YouTube comments in Firefox

Adblock Plus is already one of the best plugins for killing ads on the web. But it has another great application as well -- crushing those vitriolic YouTube comments into dust.

Lifehacker offers the following instructions on how to make it work:

On Adblock Plus...just head to YouTube, click on the Adblock icon in your navigation bar, and hit 'Easy Create Filter'. Then, just click on one of the comments and it should highlight all of them. After hitting 'Add', you should be free of YouTube comments forever.

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AdBlock Video does just what you think it does

Say goodbye to ads when you use AdBlock Video. Instead of watching a commercial before getting to your silly cat video, this extension takes you right to your silly cat video.

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YouTube Options for Google Chrome

This Chrome plugin offers a slew of great features that you'll want to take advantage of. It lets you set a default quality and video size, hide ads, loop videos, and much more. You only need to check out the preferences pane and select what you want.

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YouTube centre unlocks all kinds of potential

If you use a separate extension called Greasemonkey, you might like the Greasemonkey script called YouTube centre. It's most similar to the previously-mentioned YouTube Options, but it doesn't let you select which options to activate.

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YouTube MP3 Podcaster makes downloading videos a snap

We're big fans of YouTube MP3 Podcaster, which lets you download videos (or just the audio from a video) with ease. We did an in-depth walkthrough of it here.

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Now that you've fixed your YouTube experience...

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