A Colourful Vietnamese Chapel Was Named The Best New Building In The World

ChapelCourtsey of World Architecture FestivalThe chapel is located in a new urban ward right outside Ho Chi Minh City

A jury of architecture experts at the seventh annual World Architecture Festival (WAF) named a chapel in Vietnam “building of the year” for 2014 out of nearly 300 projects.

The chapel, designed by a21studio, is a community space located right outside Ho Chi Minh City.

There is a lack of communal centres outside of Ho Chi Minh City as a result of a estate crisis, according to the WAF website. This new building was designed as a place for people of the community to hold weddings and exhibitions, as well as participate in conferences.

The space plays around with natural elements, and encourages members of the community to stay and enjoy “a light coffee and snack.”

“Colour and light have been deployed to put people at ease and the architect has found poetry in the mundane,” said Paul Finch, WAF’s program director.

The building is made out of steel frames and metal sheets that were recycled from the owner’s previous projects.

“The judges felt this was a project that embraced history and modernity, and created a dialogue in the process,” said Finch in a press release. “It has created maximum effect with minimum materials and has produced an unexpected change of pace in its urban context.”

The rainbow chapel sticks out from its surroundings thanks to colourful curtains that welcome people from around the community inside.

The chapel a21studioCourtesy of a21studioThe Chapel as seen through the woods.

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