The First 10 Apps You Must Download For Your New Windows Phone

spotify windows phone app nokia lumiaSpotify is one of the best apps on Windows Phone right now.

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One of the biggest problems facing Windows Phone right now is the lack of developer support. That means it’s tough to find the latest and greatest apps on Windows Phones as soon as they come out. You either have to wait a bit for the developers to catch up or find an alternative.

Still, there are several high-quality, premium apps available in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We picked out the best ones.


Spotify is a streaming music service that lets you beam millions of songs from major record labels straight to your phone. You can also store songs directly to your device and listen to them offline.

Spotify looks absolutely stunning on Windows Phone, much better than it does on iOS or Android. You can tell the developers really took their time making their app match Windows Phone's gorgeous Metro interface.

Price: Free, but the service will cost you $9.99 per month.


Foursquare is the most popular check-in service around, letting you share your location with your friends. You can also unlock discounts and other specials at venues you visit just by checking in.

Like Spotify, Foursquare's app looks much better on Windows Phone than it does on iPhone or Android. We're a big fan.

Price: Free


Evernote is a handy note-taking app that stores all your text, audio, and visual notes in the cloud. You can access all your notes from any web-connected device.

And it looks magnificent on Windows Phone.

Price: Free


Facebook doesn't have an official app for Windows Phone, so Microsoft went ahead and made one. The result is an app that'll bring all your news feed items, photos, and messages to you in a gorgeous package.

Price: Free

Sonic 4 Episode I

For those of you craving a bit of old-school gaming, you'll love Sonic 4. The app offers classic side-scrolling gameplay with some eye-popping 3D graphics. You can also tie Sonic 4 to your Xbox Live account to keep track of your high scores and other achievements.

Price: $4.99


Twitter pumped out a solid app for Windows Phone that matches the OS' Metro interface. Swipe left to right to view your timeline, mentions, and direct messages. If the white background (pictured) doesn't do it for you, there's also a grey-blue theme.

Price: Free


The Netflix app for Windows Phone is pretty straightforward. Log in with your credentials and you get streaming access to thousands of movies and TV shows. You can also pick up where you left off in the middle of a movie if you want to finish on your PC.

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel provides real-time weather updates and forecast videos. Tip: Add the app to your home screen so its Live Tile will also display the current weather conditions.

Price: Free

ESPN Score centre

ESPN's official app provides you with live updates and scores across all sports genres. You can also set your favourite teams to get the latest news on the ones you care about the most.

By the way, Nokia's Lumia 900 ships with its own exclusive version of ESPN's app.

Price: Free


Since Windows Phone is a Microsoft product, Bing is the default search engine. If you prefer some variety though, you can download Google's official app. It's not as robust as the Google app for Android or iPhone, but it does the job.

Price: Free

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