The 22 Websites Every Modern Gentleman Should Bookmark

The Internet holds the key to learning anything these days, including tips and tricks for the modern man who wants to stay a cut above the rest.

Unfortunately, just searching “gentleman” isn’t going to get you very far. You need to know where to look to get solid information.

So we’ve compiled a list of websites that every gentleman should bookmark and use, including the web-versions of men’s magazines, style blogs, and e-commerce sites.

We guarantee these sites will are going to make your life easier and make you look more polished.


InsideHook offers a daily recommendation relating to all the finer things in life -- travel, food & drink, style, and more. They run an editorial site filled with men's interest articles on lifestyle news and tips. The goal is to give you what you need to know, without taking up your valuable time.



GQ Magazine's website is full of culture and style articles specifically made for men. You can find everything from serious political articles (we recommend this fascinating profile on Bob Dole) to a 'exclusive sketches' of the 2015 Ford Mustang to the best sunglasses under $US50.


Men In Cities

Based in NYC, Men In Cities is a site dedicated to bringing the best lifestyle accessories to the modern gentleman. Browsing through Men In Cities will key you in on what you should be wearing, and where you can get it at a reasonable price.

Men In Cities

A Poor Man's Millions

A Poor Man's Millions is a personal style blog that proves that you don't need to spend loads of money in order to have great style. The blog's author, Jared Acquardo, provides style tips and related trivia such as 'Back in the day, hats were a sign of social status'. Occasionally, he profiles cities like Barcelona.

A Poor Man's Millions


Most travel companies won't leave you alone -- they shamelessly flood your email with daily (or is hourly?) advertisements of 'exclusive deals'.

Valet is the opposite. You need to fill out an application to be have access to their curated city guides and travel and lifestyle benefits. According to their website, if your doesn't 'fit the characteristics of a Valet guest' your application will be denied.

Thousand Yard Style

There are few great menswear style blogs, but Thousand Yard Style happens to be one of them. The personal blog features great photographs of eclectic street style. We guarantee that you're going to become a fan of colourful pocket squares and weekend-style jackets after browsing for several minutes through this personal blog.

Thousand Yard Style

Button Up Your Shirt

Button Up Your Shirt is a tumblr that showcases great street style that hovers between formal and casual -- mixing proper jackets with everything from whimsical ties to denim button downs. The blog features and infinite scroll with minimal text.

Button Up Your Shirt

Eleven James

A crucial part of any gentleman's wardrobe is a elegant and classy wristwatch. But what happens when you just can't decide which one to buy? Or maybe you change your mind every few weeks?

Eleven James makes unlimited options just a click away, with its rental service for luxury watches. You can choose between three membership plans: Concierge for $US249/mo, Connoisseur for $US459/mo, and Virtuoso for $US899-$1,599/mo, depending on your tastes.

Eleven James


There probably aren't too many websites where you can find both a Loro Piana beaver-lined baby cashmere cardigan and Google Glass frames. But then again, Mr Porter isn't most websites.

If you're looking to deck out in true menswear luxury, Mr Porter should be your next web destination. Relish it.

Alton Lane

Alton Lane revolutionizes the way men shop for suits by making everything customisable. You can create the exact suit that you want, down to the very last detail. Or, you can even book an appointment in order to get proper measurements and customised design options.

Alton Lane

Gilt Groupe

Gilt targets men, women, and children, but is a great resource for any man looking to dress well, but without breaking the bank. Shopping online at Gilt can save you up to 60% off luxury items.

Gilt Groupe

Frank & Oak

Sign up to the Frank & Oak website to get access to unpretentious but high quality clothing items and accessories. They have everything from shirts, to suits, to books. Word to the wise: sometimes the simple things are undoubtedly the better option.

But it's not so simple that it's boring. You can find a few personality items such as a poppy pin-dot button down shirt, and a sweatshirt that says 'Surf in Montreal'.

Paul Evans

Paul Evans specialises in luxury shoes made in Naples, Italy, but also offers belts and bags. The company was started by New York City guys who wanted to create an affordable and stylish option for men's footwear, that they weren't yet able to find.

All shoes are made from Italian calfskin leather and start at about $US300.

Paul Evans

Awl & Sundry

It might have been the outrageous price of quality foot ware, or the practically-falling-apart, cheap material of the affordable variety, or even the dreaded square toe... but one of those has definitely made you nauseous in a shoe store.

But good news. You can now custom design your own footware in your own way, thanks to Awl & Sundry.


Honestly, it's pretty confusing walking into a store that sells luxury grooming products because of the unlimited supply of hard-to-pronounce ingredient and items. Instead, you can sign up to receive monthly samples of top-tier grooming products and lifestyle knick knacks 'ranging from hip socks to tech accessories'.

You'll never have to figure out whether or not you need 'effervescent breath crystals with IsoVoxy' again. (According to BirchBox, you do).

Fresh Neck

Basically, is the Netflix for neckwear and cuff links.

You sign up and select the ties, bow ties, and cuff links you like. Within 3 business days, the top available options will be at your door, and you can wear them as long as you like. Once you are done, send them back and await the next batch of goodies.

Trunk Club

This website takes the stress out of shopping yourself. When you sign up, you'll be paired with a personal stylist who will select clothing items for you based on your style preferences. Everything will be sent to you in a box, and you'll have 10 days to decide what you want to keep and what you want to send back.

w├╝rkin stiffs

Würkin stiffs started out because the founder, Jon Boos, had a misbehaving shirt collar that would 'flare out' -- so he decided to adjust it with magnets. And the idea stuck.

Nowadays, you can find various men's accessories on the Würkin stiffs website. And, yes, you can actually buy magnets to control your collars.


Fashion trends have the half-life of a summer blockbuster. So basically, if you're planning on keeping up with them, you're going to go broke.

Luckily for your bank account, SprezzaBox offers a service where they send you a box filled with 5 trendy knick knacks every month. This way, you can slightly update your wardrobe every month without having to spend seventy per cent of your salary on new pants.

The Art of Shaving

No one wants to drag himself to the store late at night after work to buy the 'Horn Shaving Brush'.

The Art of Shaving website is a life-saver. You can find all the exclusive shaving-related goods that you didn't even know you needed... all without ever having to leave your bed.

The Art of Shaving


Svbscription is another delivery service. However, the most noteworthy aspect of this website is that they also provide a reading list in order to 'build your creative mind' -- you should definitely check it out. Authors on the list include Marcus Aurelius and Saul Alinsky.

According to the, Hillary Clinton wrote her college thesis on Alinsky, and Obama 'trained in Alinsky's tactics in Chicago'.


And finally, This digital lifestyle for men website provides daily recommendations featuring everything from 'what's new' to 'deeply under-the-radar goodness'.

They have everything from '10 Best Date Hikes in Los Angeles' to a review of the Clamato Bacon Vodka Caesar in a car. We guarantee you'll love this one.

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