These 9 Wearable Gadgets Are The Hottest Things In Tech Right Now

Google glasses

Photo: Google

Google got a lot of people talking when it announced that it’s testing augmented reality glasses.Although experts are doubting that such an idea is really possible, there’s a lot of excitement surrounding the project. The Project Glass: one day… video that Google released to demonstrate its idea has more than 13 million views on YouTube so far.

But Google Glass is still just a concept. There are plenty of other example of real wearable tech you can buy right now.

Pebble smartwatches just broke a Kickstarter record by raising more than $3 million

Pebble smartwatches from Allerta aren't set to ship until September 2012, but people are already lining up to buy them anyway.

The Pebble smartwatch will:

  • Let you download Internet-connected apps
  • Alert you of incoming calls, emails, and messages with silent vibration
  • Offer customised watchfaces
  • Give you calendar alerts & social media alerts
  • Let you set an alarm or timer
  • Tell you who is calling you

Price: from $99

Nike+ Fuelband was so hot at first that it sold out immediately

The Nike+ Fuelband was a hot product from the moment Nike launched it.

The Fuelband's LED lights go from green to red as it:

  • Sets your fitness goal
  • Tracks all of your walking, running, and other sports activities
  • Tracks your caloric intake
  • Tells you what time it is

Price: 149.00

The UP by Jawbone was one of the hottest products you could gift this past holiday season.

UP by Jawbone was buzzed about as the must-have health and fitness gadget of 2011.

The hi-tech wristband:

  • Uses motion sensors that detect movement
  • Uses algorithms to chart your sleep patterns and wake you up at the best moment during your natural sleep cycle
  • Tracks your food habits by keeping a food journal of all of your meals (with the smartphone app)
  • Ensures you stay productive by reminding you periodically to get up and move
  • Share your progress on social media sites

Price: $99.99

The i'm watch has gotten a lot of hype as being one of the most stylish smartwatches on the market.

The i'm Watch hooks up with all major smartphone operating systems via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to allow users to:

  • Make and receive calls as well as read text messages and emails.
  • Download apps from the i'm Watch i'market
  • Check Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, weather, music, and personal photos.

Price: $469.00

The Fitbit Ultra clips right clips to your shirt and tracks your fitness stats

Track every step of the day in a discreet way with Fitbit.

With the device you can track your steps, distance, calories burned and more.

Price: $99.95

Motorola gets high marks for its fitness smartwatch MOTOACTV

MOTOACTV from Motorola may look like a watch at first glance, but it goes way beyond the watch call of duty. In fact, with this device, time is an afterthought as the laundry list of features packed into then sweat proof touch screen GPS fitness tracker and smart MP3 player.

The MOTOACTV GPS fitness tracker:

  • Will track your running, walking, and cycling performance by offering figures on the time, distance, speed, heart rate, and the number of calories you burned during your workout.
  • Comes with a smart MP3 player that syncs with your iTunes or Windows Media Player, tracking songs that tend to boost your performance
  • Transfer data from your workout straight to your MOTOACTV training portal app

Price: $249.99

inPulse is the smartwatch that hooks up exclusively to Android and BlackBerry phones.

The inPulse smartphone watch lets you:

  • Push emails, texts, calendar alerts, and caller ID
  • customise fonts and colours
  • Set filtering options for emails
  • Manage notification and vibration profiles
  • Manage multiple email inboxes
  • Download smartwatch apps

Price: from $99.99

The Sony LiveView smartwatch is another great choice.

The Sony LiveView is another great choice if your on the smartwatch hunt.

The smartwatch features:

  • Touch display
  • customisable watch interface
  • Caller ID notification
  • Calendar, email, and text message alerts
  • Social media alerts
  • Available in black or white

Price: $149

Be on the lookout for Google's Project Glass testers who may be coming to a coffee shop near you.

Google got people excited about the future when it released its Project Glass: one day... video where it introduced its concept for augmented reality glasses.

Google is now testing Google Glass. According to its YouTube demo video the gadget will:

  • Integrate apps able to inform you of your schedule
  • Let you know what the weather is
  • Let you receive and send text messages
  • Notify you of important news updates
  • Incorporate GPS/direction functionality
  • Inform you when your friends are nearby
  • Let you take and share photos
  • Video chat

Need a visual of what Google's glasses do?

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