There's a really easy way to perfectly dress your to-go salad

Hale and hearty chicken caesar saladMegan Willett/Business InsiderMy perfectly tossed to-go salad.

Take-out salads typically come with dressing on the side, which means you’re faced with the task of mixing in the dressing yourself, leaving you with bone-dry lettuce below and sopping wet lettuce on top.

But I have a salad dressing hack, honed by years of laziness and ordering take-out salads, that makes it easy to get perfectly mixed and coated lettuce every single time from a to-go container.

Since my coworkers were impressed with my tip, I decided to share it with Tech Insider readers, too.

Using your fork, make room on the side for the dressing to reach the bottom. You’ll pour the dressing into this gap.

Pour the dressing down towards the bottom of the container on all four sides of your packaging. Try to use equal amounts of dressing as you go.

If you have extra dressing, drizzle it on top.

Place the top back on the container and turn your salad upside down and shake every which way — up, down, sideways, and back and forth. Stop when you see that the dressing that’s coating the bottom has run down towards the lid.

Remove the lid to reveal your perfectly tossed salad. Enjoy.

As far as I can tell, this particular hack is no where to be found on the internet. It’s not even even on Pinterest, which is chock-full of salad content. It covers everything from making salads at home in mason jars or layering salads so they don’t get soggy. You can buy this “Salad On The Go” container for about $US7 on Amazon, but 56% of the reviewers gave the product only one star because “the dressing always leaks.” 

There are hundreds of pins for example dedicated to making salad dressing, but no real advice on how to mix it in both quickly and easily. 

Creating and consuming the perfect salad, it seems, is a real problem that deserves some real attention. If you try this hack or have a better one, let us know! 

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