Here's What Science Says Is The Best Way To Cool A Case Of Beers

A lot of science is dedicated to big questions, like mapping the universe or figuring out which virus will try to kill us off next.

But sometimes, scientists take what they have learned from their research and show us how it can make our lives a lot easier in a cool way — like using chemistry to chill beers super fast or to cook the perfect burger.

These are the life hacks that really matter, and the American Chemical Society has put together a list of four great ones in one of the latest videos in their Reactions series.

The video itself explains the science behind the tricks, but here are the tips themselves:

To chill beers in under 20 minutes, pour a whole bunch of salt into a bucket of water, then add ice and then beer.

Create the ultimate fruit fly trap and eliminate the bugs by adding some dish soap to a bowl containing apple cider vinegar. Cover the top with plastic wrap and poke a few holes in there, and the pest problem will be solved.

Cook the perfect burger by poking a hole in the middle as you shape the patty. The change in surface area will make it easier to cook the burger to an even temperature throughout, making it easier to avoid under or overcooking the meat — and don’t worry, the hole will close.

Don’t let your kitchen sponges get stinky or mildewed by using two sponges — rinsing and letting one dry thoroughly before using it again will prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing in the first place, and both sponges should last longer than if you just kept one going at a time.

Watch the full video to understand the chemistry behind these tips and tricks. One that’s not on the list: To koozie or not to koozie?:

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