The 10 Best Washing Machines For Your Home

Laundry is rarely a task to look forward to, whether you’re doing a solo load or cleaning clothes for a family of five. A great washing machine can make things a lot easier and eliminate possible frustrations, like having to wait your turn for a machine at a local laundromat.

The experts over at FindTheBest helped us to compile a list of the 10 best washing machines on the market right now.

They evaluated washing machines for reliability, efficiency, performance and features, and cost of ownership, and they looked at expert sources like JD Power.

10. Samsung WA45H7200AW ($800)

Samsung WF42H5000AWBest BuySamsung WF42H5000AW

The sleek, top loading Samsung WA45H7200AQ is a high-end washing machine that’s both durable and adequately gentle on your clothing. Priced cheaply on our list at $US800, it’s a reasonable machine, but you won’t feel like you’re cutting any corners; this Samsung even features Smart Care technology, so that you can check up on it with a phone app.

9. Samsung WF42H5000AW ($800)

Front load washing machines are typically more efficient, but also more expensive than top load ones. The Samsung WF42H5000AW, however, is a well-priced front load washer considering its place on our list of the best. The machine’s perks include vibration reduction technology to keep the washing quiet, and eight different cycles to customise for specific clothing.

8. Maytag MHWE301YW ($999)

The Maytag MHWE301YW‘s stainless steel drum allows for maximum washing without rusting or damage throughout the years. FindTheBest estimates a yearly cost of $US59.36 in energy and water bills, which is right around average.

7. LG WM8500HVA ($1,600)

LG Washing MachineBest BuyLG WM8500HVA

At 5.2 cubic feet, this LG washer is one of the biggest on the market. The WM8500HVA has multiple top-notch features, including a smartphone app connection, time delay to set your start time just right, and a steam option to enhance the wash and disinfect clothing.

6. Samsung WA48H7400AW ($900)

The samsung brand earns five stars across the board from JD Power for features, overall satisfaction, ease of use, and performance and reliability, and the WA48H7400AW is no exception. The top loading machine is equipped with standard wash cycles like delicate, hand wash, permanent press, and quick wash, and you can also adjust water temperature to fit different needs.

5. LG WM3570HVA ($1,210)

For those looking to be a bit more environmentally friendly, the LG WM3570HVA turbo washer is an Energy Star Award recipient. The electronic display control panel is a nice feature that allows for very easy operating of the machine and its various modes.

4. Samsung WA56H9000AP ($1,500)

Another washing machine built to handle a lot of laundry, the Samsung WA56H9000AP is 5.6 cubic feet, among the largest on our list. Like most top-of-the-line washers, this machine features a built-in water heater to more accurately reach perfect temperatures.

3. Samsung WF42H5200AP ($1,000)

After purchasing this washer, your total annual average cost should be $US50.30, which is significantly less than the average machine. The warranty for the WF42H5200AP is solid, with a parts warranty of one year, and a drum warranty of three years, which is often the most troublesome part.

Samsung WF56H9100AGBestbuySamsung WF56H9100AG

2. Samsung WF45H6300AG ($1,200)

The Samsung WF45H6300AG has just about everything you’d need from your washer. Typical features include vibrate and noise reduction, time delay, and a stainless steel drum. It’s Energy Star Efficient with a sanitation cycle, allergy cycle, and quick wash cycle among its different modes.

1. Samsung WF56H9100AG ($1,700)

This Samsung WF56H9100AG model was the only one to score a Smart Ranking of 100 from our friends at FindTheBest. It’s the most costly washer on our list, but includes almost every feature plus more, and is a big one at 5.6 cubic feet.

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