These are the 15 best fights in the entire history of UFC

Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz went to war twice in 2016. Getty Images

There have been over 4,500 UFC fights from 433 events since the very first UFC show in 1993.

In the 25 years that followed UFC 1, fans have witnessed the rise and fall of many champions and seen many great fights – but which have been the best?

As part of the its 25th anniversary celebrations, the UFC has attempted to solve that riddle by tweeting its best ever fights on the Fox Sports: UFC channel.

A warning: these fights are bloody, violent, and filled with haunting knockouts and highlight-reel submissions.

If that is your thing, keep scrolling to see highlights from the 15 best UFC fights in history, ranked in ascending order according to UFC.

15: In 2013, Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez engaged in violent warfare over three bruising rounds at UFC 166. The judges gave Melendez the victory.

14: Former UFC lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez rediscovered his killer instinct with a crushing knockout win over Justin Gaethje at UFC 218 in 2017. This was his first victory since losing the title to Conor McGregor the year before.

13: Robbie Lawler successfully defended his UFC welterweight title with a split decision win over Carlos Condit in a “Fight of the Year” winning performance in 2016.

12: Forrest Griffin bested Stephan Bonnar in the season finale of the The Ultimate Fighter 1. The 2005 “Fight of the Year” is seen as the battle that transcended the sport and sparked widespread interest in UFC.

11: UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes successfully defended his title at UFC 63 when he became one of the few fighters to score a knockout over 5th degree jiu-jitsu black belt B.J. Penn.

10: The judges were unable to separate Mark Hunt and rival Antônio Silva in a 2013 fight where both heavyweights threw big shots with bad intentions.

9: It looked like UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes was down, out, and set to lose his title against Frank Trigg at UFC 52 in 2005 — but he came back from the brink of defeat to lock in a tight rear-naked choke, forcing a brutal stoppage win.

8: If you like nasty elbow strikes, a blood-soaked cage floor, and a last-gasp stoppage finish in the fifth round, then you’ll love Anderson Silva’s win over Chael Sonnen, via triangle armbar, at UFC 117 in 2010.

7: You know you’ve watched a classic fight when both fighters are battered and bloodied but pose and smile for photos with each other at hospital, long after the final bell. Jon Jones edged Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 in 2013 in this must-see war.

6: There’s an old saying in the fight game that goes something like this: “Every great fighter has one last great fight in them.” For Chuck Liddell, the action-packed three round classic with Wanderlei Silva at UFC 79 in 2007 was his last great fight.

5: UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar put his belt on the line for a five-round ruckus with Grey Maynard at UFC 125 in 2011. Both fighters swung their fists until the finish and left the Octagon with a draw.

4: Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald’s slobberknocker spared no drama. The two fighters traded blows and spewed blood — but there was one decisive winner as Lawler won via knockout in the fifth round at UFC 189 in 2015.

3: Big-punching light heavyweight Dan Henderson prevailed over Maurício Rua in the 2011 Fight of the Year. This bout was so good, UFC president Dana White said it “was like our Ali-Frazier III.”

2: Conor McGregor’s star was massive by 2016 but it was Nate Diaz who shone the brightest. Diaz out-slugged McGregor before locking in a rear-naked choke and winning a shock submission victory at UFC 196.

1: According to UFC, the Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz sequel was even better than the original. This time around, the judges awarded McGregor a five-round decision win, completing his revenge over his arch-rival, and making this the best UFC fight of all time.