The Best Tweets From Jon Huntsman's Daughters' Sassy Twitter Account

abby mary anne libby huntsman

Photo: Twitter / Jon2012girls

Presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman’s daughters are giving his campaign a little edge through a joint Twitter account they use to taunt the 2012 competition and, they hope, propel their dad to the GOP nomination in 140 characters or less.The former Utah Governor’s eldest daughters Mary Anne, Liddy, and Abby — collectively known by their @Jon2012girls handle — are adding sass and snark to debates and campaign events while they tag along on the campaign trail.

On Monday, they sat down for an interview with Fox News and explained that the account isn’t entirely serious, and that they’re just, “trying to get people to laugh.” But the trio’s witty tweets are now attracting so much media attention that, in many ways, they are starting to eclipse their father’s struggling campaign.

Liddy shows off her planking skills

Riffing off their dad's Kurt Cobain reference during a presidential debate

Showing off their self-deprecating side

Ribbing Mitt Romney's son, Tagg — and making light of their shared Mormon roots.

Blasting Romney's answers on China policy during a GOP debate

Taking credit for Huntsman acting natural after his canned jokes fell flat in a previous debate

Ribbing Tagg Romney — and Mormons — again

Proposing a campaign song about Herman Cain's 9-9-9 tax plan...

...and then suggesting the Romneys perform that song with them

Backing up their dad's comment that Cain's 9-9-9 plan sounds like a pizza deal...

...and then taking a swipe at the tax plan

Demanding more Cain vocals after his ode to pizza went viral

Remarking on last night's feisty GOP debate

...and joking about their dad's boycott

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