One Stunning Photo From Every Stage Of The Tour De France

Tour de France Day One

For all its troubles with credibility and transparency, the Tour de France is still the most unique event in sports.

Over 23 days, riders travel 2,000 miles through the French countryside, including passes through the Pyrenees and Alps. 

Every day, the event goes to a different place with different scenery and different sight lines.

It makes for some spectacular, diverse photography.

STAGE 1: Riders along the coast in Sari-Solenzara

STAGE 2: A mountain ascent in Bastia

STAGE 3: Passing the Corsican coast

STAGE 4: A 25K time trial through Nice

STAGE 5: Cycling through the Marseille countryside

STAGE 6: A flat stretch outside Montpellier

STAGE 7: The rear of the peloton on the way to Montpellier

STAGE 8: A hairpin turn on the way to Domaines

STAGE 9: On top of the world in Bagneres-de-Bigorre

STAGE 10: Climbing past a castle in St. Malo

STAGE 11: British rider Chris Froome in Avranches

STAGE 12: A descent into Tours

STAGE 13: Sprinting past the Hotel De Ville

STAGE 14: Passing a field outside Lyon

STAGE 15: A field of sunflowers in Givors

STAGE 16: The peloton arrives at the French Apls

STAGE 17: Brit Mark Cavendish finds unlikely support on the road to Chorges

STAGE 18: The Central Alps above Chauffayer

STAGE 19: Riders leave Le Grand Bornand

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