This timelapse video exploring Dubai is the best timelapse I’ve ever seen

Timelapse Dubai Burj Khalifa

I’ve seen a lot of timelapse videos before, but I’ve yet to see any as ambitious as Rob Whitworth’s “Dubai Flow Motion.”

While most timelapse videos focus on a single event, Whitworth manages to capture a sprawling journey that starts with a plane trip and quickly swoops through the cockpit and into some highly visual points of interest throughout Dubai.

The extensive footage took three months to record, and Whitworth collaborated with Dubai Film to gain access to areas in Dubai that the public normally wouldn’t have access to.

You’ll zoom inside a plane’s cockpit as it lands, follow a suitcase on its winding journey to the baggage claim, head into Dubai’s subway system, explore the top and tunnel inside of the iconic Burj Khalifa skyscraper, watch an ice skater spinning on an ice rink, observe a desert dune buggy race, follow a boat through the harbour, and jump out of a plane with a group of skydivers.

That’s right, Whitworth has somehow managed to weave an action-packed vacation itinerary into a three-minute timelapse that’s truly mesmerising and demonstrates what’s possible with timelapse videos.