Here's What Will Break Our Nostalgic Hearts When BlackBerry Finally Disappears

Abandoned blackberry phonesInstagram/mikeycueLook at all those abandoned BlackBerries

BlackBerry is about to
kick the bucket, and it’s breaking our little hearts.

Back in 2009, almost half the smartphones in the United States were BlackBerrys. Now, BlackBerry’s marketshare hovers below 3 per cent.

We’re not saying we’d want to go back to Black, but we can’t deny that we miss the days when BBM’ing on our keyboards carried a certain ‘cool’ status.

When other phones failed, BlackBerry didn't. It was one of the few networks that continued to function in New York after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. That won the phone a generation of loyalists.

Good ol' Blackberry has also always been regarded as the most secure phone (could be why Obama didn't want to make the switch).

The exclusiveness of BBM made the messaging feature even more attractive than AIM.

Who needs Siri? Or Instagram? Blackberry has been keeping it simple since Day One.

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