The 10 Best Tequilas You Can Buy

Patrón patron tequilaFacebook/patrontequilaGrand Patrón Budeos Tequila (not pictured) costs $US35 per shot.

Tequila is meant for sipping as much as shooting — meaning you don’t need to be trashed in a bar to enjoy.

This south-of-the-border liquor is made from the blue agave plant found in Jalisco, Mexico, and has been refined over hundreds of years.

We turned to the experts at FindTheBest to help us track down the 10 best tequilas you can buy.

FindTheBest ranked the tequilas based on a weighted average of the following five rating sources: the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, the International Wine and Spirit Competition, Wine Magazine Enthusiast, Beverage Testing Institute, and

10. Montejima Reposado Tequila ($50)

The Montejima Reposado uses only the best Blue Agave from the lowlands of Jalisco. After resting in white oak for two months, it offers fruity notes, with a pleasant balance of wood and vanilla.

Piedra azul tequila

Piedra Azul
Montejima Reposado Tequila

9. Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila ($18)

If you want to get rowdy on a budget, a shot of Pieda Azul Reposado costs about half as much as the average tequila. The oak barrel infuses rich flavours of caramel and vanilla that soften to a smooth, honey finish.

8. X X X Siglo Treinta Tequila ($20)

Another bargain tequila, X X X Siglo Treinta is a premium pouring spirit with a bold attack. Its long finish allows you to experience all of the fire, without the burn.

7. Blue Head Tequila Blanco Tequila ($45)

Blue Head Silver offers a crystal clear, unaged spirit with great character and a lengthy finish. Intense, yet earthy flavours develop in the mouth, and give way to a pungent, complex aroma.

6. Tequila El Agave Blanco Tequila ($25)

El Agave Artesanal Silver uses agave hearts roasted in clay ovens, made from the same rich volcanic soil where the blue agave grows in Jalisco. Its quality agave combined with its triple distillation process creates an unparalleled smoothness and clarity.

5. U4RIK Añejo Tequila ($45)

El Capo Tequila Extra AñejoMarketing Global Brands Corp.El Capo Extra-Aged Añejo Tequila

A Double Gold winner at the World Spirit Competition, the U4RIK Añejo is sweet and almost floral. Aged in specially selected oak barrels for two years, the spirit finishes with just a hint of whiskey flavour.

4. El Capo Extra-Aged Añejo Tequila ($150)

The second most expensive tequila on this list, the El Capo Extra-Aged Añejo lures you in with the aroma of strong vanilla, caramel, oak, and almonds. Aged five years, it seals the deal with a robust body of walnut, chocolate, coffee, and a sprinkling of dried fruits.

3. Riazul Premium Añejo Tequila ($59)

After two distillations, the Raizul Premium Añejo ages in French oak barrels, made from wood in the Citeaux forests of Burgundy and featuring a medium toast. Agave, honey, vanilla, dried fruits, and spices combine for a one-of-a-kind tequila.

2. AsomBroso Silver Tequila ($40)

Drinking the AsomBroso Silver Tequila is an experience, from the first waff of fennel, licorice, anise, and dried herbs to the toasty and mallow finish. Areation brings out the milk chocolate, olive brine, rye bread, and green olive — yes, you read that right.

1. Gran Patrón Burdeos Tequila ($600)

Gran Patrón Burdeos TequilaFacebook/patrontequilaGran Patrón Burdeos Tequila

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