These Are The Best Tech Projects You Can Fund On Kickstarter Right Now

charge card

Photo: Kickstarter

Here’s the latest batch of tech projects currently seeking funding to go from concept to reality on Kickstarter.Whether it’s a smartphone accessory like the Charge Card or a cool audio product like Pair With Pear, all kinds of problems are being solved creatively with Kickstarter products.


The POP is a consolidated charging station that can handle almost any gadget you throw at it. Want to charge 10 iPhones at once? This is your device.

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The Snooze

Want to turn your iPhone into something more closely resembling an alarm clock, complete with a giant snooze button? The Snooze is what you've been looking for.

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Pair With Pear

Pear lets you wirelessly feed audio to your iPhone dock while you keep your phone in your hand. You can text, email, and otherwise do whatever else you want, all while pumping music or podcasts through the dock.

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Charge Card

What if your iPhone charger could fit in your wallet? That's exactly the idea behind the Charge Card. It'll let you charge your iPhone from your computer's USB port.

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Some games aren't totally conducive to a touchscreen interface. For those games there's the Ringbow, a peripheral you wear on your finger to click a button and use a joystick.

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Handheld video can be unreasonably shaky. For those shooting lots of video on smaller cameras or smartphones, the Picosteady wants to be your solution for shake-free video production.

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Nifty Minidrive

Want an affordable way to expand your computer's storage space? The Nifty Minidrive goes right into your computer's SD card slot and lines up flush with your computer's body. So without changing the shape of your computer and adding essentially no weight, you can add on disk space effortlessly.

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Want to make amazing time lapse movies? The Astro sits between your camera and your tripod, slowly rotating to take cool frame-by-frame video that pans very slowly over a long period of time.

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