New York Needs Computer Programmers More Than San Francisco Does, Job Search Site Says

No question about it. New York’s tech industry is thriving.

Right now New York actually has more job openings for computer programmers than San Francisco, according to job hunting site Indeed.

To be fair, San Francisco is only one relatively small part of the programmer’s nirvana known as Silicon Valley. When you add in job openings in cities across the whole San Francisco Bay Area (Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Santa Clara, San Jose, etc.), it’s hard to beat the Valley for programming jobs per capita.

But on a city-to-city comparison, New York wins.

Here’s the top 10 cities with the most job openings for computer programmers according to Indeed.

1. New York, NY (4,942)

2. San Francisco, CA (3,890)

3. Seattle, WA (3,040)

4. Chicago, IL (2,788)

5. Washington, D.C. (2,170)

6. Houston, TX (2,161)

7. Atlanta, GA (2,066)

8. Boston, MA (1,761)

9. San Diego, CA (1,749)

10. Dallas, TX (1,690)

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