The best supermarkets in America

Trader Joe’s is the best supermarket in the US, followed by Publix and Aldi, according to a new survey. 

More than 7,000 consumers were asked to rate 14 grocery chains on attributes like best value, fastest service, and cleanliness for the survey by Market Force Information, a retail consulting firm.

Trader Joe’s scored the highest in cashier courtesy, while Publix won on fast checkouts and cleanliness. Aldi got the best score on value.

The scoring system is based on customers’ satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the store to others.

Here are the rankings.

1. Trader Joe’s

Score: 78%. Ranked highest in cashier courtesy. Also scored well for fast checkouts, cleanliness, and ease of finding items.

2. Publix

Score: 74%. Ranked highest for fast checkouts, cleanliness, availability of items, easy of finding items, and specialty department service.

3. Aldi

Score: 65%. Best value.

4. Hy-Vee

Score: 64%. Ranked high in cashier courtesy, availability of items, and specialty department service.

5. H-E-B

Score: 64%. Ranked high in specialty department service, sales and promotions, and ease of finding items.

6. Costco

Score: 61%. Ranked high for value and cleanliness.

7. Kroger

Score: 60%. Ranked high for availability of items, ease of finding items, cleanliness, and promotions.

8. ShopRite

Score: 54%. Best sales and promotions.

9. WinCo Foods

Score: 54%. Ranked second for value behind Aldi. 

10. Meijer 

Score: 53%. Good promotions. 

11. Albertsons

Score: 49%. Fast checkouts. 

12. Sam’s Club

Score: 47%. Ranked fourth for best value.

13. Safeway

Score: 46%. 

14. Wal-Mart

Score: 24%.  

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