Here’s what the world’s best bartender says will be the drink everyone will order this summer


It seems that every summer, there’s a popular drink that everyone orders.

In previous years, Old Fashioned, Negronis, and Whiskey Sours have been popular choices.

We asked the 2018 World Class Global Bartender of the Year, Australia’s Orlando Marzo, from Melbourne’s acclaimed Lûmé restaurant, what the biggest drink of the summer will be, and what other trends will dominate the beverage industry in summer.

“I think we’ll see a lot of gin-based cocktails out there this summer,” Marzo said.

“There is an excellent range of gins available on market at the moment, particularly the new editions of Tanqueray that will make zingy, zesty drinks like the Southside a hit.”

For those who haven’t heard of a Southside before, think gin-based Caipiroska (a previous popularly vodka and lime drink).

“You’ll see gin, lime juice, simple syrup and a mint spring combined to create an extraordinary aroma-driven cocktail,” he said.

Lemon juice can also be substituted for the lime juice for a tarter, sour taste.

A Southside cocktail Getty Images

He also sees a creative bent taken on heavier classic cocktails to funk them up and make them more more appealing to younger palates.

“I think we’ll see twists being made to classic cocktails this summer.

“I like to add a unique spin to cocktails like Old Fashioneds and Negronis, think blackberry Old Fashioned, a citrus Negroni or a Geraldton Wax Sazarac.

Geraldton Wax is a pink flowering shrub native to Western Australia.

“A fresh fruit flavour will add a summer taste but still keep the DNA of the drink,” he says.

As for the biggest trends that we are likely to see dominate the beverage lists at bars and restaurants, green varietals and seasonal ingredients will take a lead role.

“I’m noticing a lot of green varietals on cocktail menus,” Marzo says.

“Ingredients like lemon balm, different varieties of mint, rosemary, and basil have been incredibly popular,” he says.

But it’s not just about the ingredients that go into the cocktail. Marzo says proper preparation is also key.

“Bartenders have always had to be smart when it comes to sustainability, originality and seasonality when crafting their cocktail menus so being thoughtful in the way you prepare ingredients will give you more flavour and great profile notes for your drink.

“For example, I peel my limes before I juice them and let it rest in granulated sugar over night, gently pressing them.

“I then add equal part room temperature water to the weight of the sugar, stir and then strain off the lime zest.

“This creates a great no-waste lime oil-perfumed syrup,” he says.

Marzo beat more than 10,000 bartenders worldwide in the World Class Global Bartender of the Year competition which involved hundreds of cocktail-making challenges over six months.