The 21 Best Sports GIFs Of 2012

michelle jenneke gif

2012 was a breakout year for sports GIFs.

Video is still the dominant format for big, meaningful sports moments. But for all the micro-moments that make sports so fun to watch — spontaneous and awkward athlete reactions, split-second failures — GIFs are simply perfect.

We picked out the 21 best of these little moments. They include a whole lot of Chris Bosh, an epic Dempsey Face, and a beautiful Aussie hurdler (pictured) who built an entire cult following on the strength of a single GIF.

Lakers Bros are mesmerized by a Dwight Howard jam

Ryan Lochte summed up perfectly

Chris Bosh videobombs Lebron James (third-best Bosh GIF)

Chris Bosh misses a high-five with Ronny Turiaf (second-best Bosh GIF)

Chris Bosh makes every facial expression at once (best Bosh GIF)

Michelle Jenneke, the dancing hurdler, dances in the rain

Little kid at Hawks came gets caught ogling a dance team member

Rob Gronkowski fails miserably at a spike

TNT zooms in on Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak's soul

Kobe gives the death stare to his coach (who was fired later that week)

NFL Network reporter hit in the face with a ball on live TV

Awesome Grizzlies fan goes HAM

Chris Duhon (in the background) does a travel dance

Amar'e Stoudemire fakes out Shane Battier

David Robinson gets videobombed


Clint Dempsey taunts an opponent with an epic Dempsey Face

Jeremy Lin whips out all the swagger, to varying degrees of success

Ball girl reacts too late

Olympic dive goes horribly wrong

Bucs kid dances like a pro

BONUS: Our editor tried out to be a US Open ball girl. She struggled a bit

Now see which GIF-able athletes clean up well

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