The Best Sports Commercials Of 2010

When you think about the best sports commercials of 2010, the first one that comes to mind has to be LeBron James’ “Rise” commercial for Nike

The footwear giant was able to capitalise on the controversy of the “Summer of LeBron” with a genius spot in which LeBron asked his audience “What should I do?”

It was the best sports commercial of 2010, but there were several other popular ads over the past year that ranged from the controversial to the hilarious. 

Tim Tebow, Focus on the Family

Chris Johnson, ESPN Fantasy Football

Randy Johnson, GEICO

Atlanta Falcons, Play 60

Brandon Jennings, ESPN

Brett Favre, Hyundai

Though some say Cleveland's Response was even better ....

Most of these commercials were for mainstream companies, but check out these bizarre ads...

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