The real best souvenirs to bring home from 19 countries around the world

Venetian maskGetty Images/AFPPick up a traditional Venetian Mask while in Italy.

Travellers always want to bring home something that will remind them of their trip — but many often get stuck buying cheap knick knacks from tourist traps.

To avoid getting something you’ll only throw away in a few months, we’ve rounded up a list of some authentic items you should buy when abroad.

Forget keychains and mini Eiffel Tower sculptures, here are the real best things to bring home from 19 countries around the world.

ENGLAND: Cadbury's Chocolate

Cadbury's chocolate is a perfect gift to bring home since many agree that it is the best chocolate in the world.

Plus, the Hershey Company just banned Cadbury's chocolate in the United States -- so it will be an extra special treat for any American friends.

GERMANY: Beer Stein

This is a fairly common souvenir to bring back from German, especially during times like the German Oktoberfest. Beer steins are typically made from stoneware, porcelain, pewter, and sometimes even glass.

There are plenty of local stores in cities around Germany that sell authentic handmade beer steins.

GREECE: Olive oil

Greece is famous for its virgin olive oil production, and it is used in almost all of Greek recipes. One of the best places to pick up authentic Greek olive oil is the Kritsa Lassithi agricultural co-operative in the island of Crete. The co-op makes world-famous olive oil, which is often referred to as the 'Rolls Royce of oils.'

If you don't want to bring back traditional cooking olive oil, you can also pick up some soaps or cosmetics that are made with olive oil.

IRELAND: Whiskey

A quality bottle of whiskey is a classic souvenir to bring home from Ireland.

A recommended place to pick up the Irish whiskey is the Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland, where you can actually see and smell the whiskey being made.

ITALY: Traditional Venetian Mask

A great souvenir to bring home from Italy is a traditional Venetian mask. The masks are used in the annual Carnival, and are often intricate and beautiful. Venetian masks can be made of leather, porcelain, or glass.

Pick up the mask from Ca'Macana, one of the oldest mask making workshops in Venice. The store is known for its authentic handmade masks that are made in the same way Venetian artisans would do 800 years ago.

MOROCCO: Ceramics

A colourful hand-painted ceramic bowl is a beautiful and unique gift to bring home from Morocco. Decorative pieces are often hand-painted with intricate floral and geometric designs.

The cities that are the main centres for ceramics are Safi and Fez.

POLAND: Amber jewellery

Amber is the native gemstone of Poland, and there are hundreds of shops selling quality jewellery around the country. Polish jewellers have more than 80 names to describe types of amber, from flame and honey to clouded and woolly, according to the National Geographic.

It is also believed that amber jewellery can bring good luck.

PORTUGAL: Ceramic Tiles

Portuguese tiles, known as azulejos, have had a huge influence on the culture. Azulejos tiles are everywhere in Portugal -- they are on the walls of churches, homes, benches, fountains, bars, restaurants, and subways stations.

Buying a tile item in one of the many souvenir shops around the country would be a perfect way to bring back a bit of Portugal.

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