13 hilarious and creative 'Stories' from the Snapchat stars you need to follow right now

SayHopInstagramSara Hopkins – a hilarious Snapchat star

21-year-old Jacob Catalano felt like Snapchat was doing a poor job highlighting all the amazing talent that has flocked to the app in the last few years. To fix this problem, he created the site Snap Starsto keep track of all the funniest and most creative Snapchat personalities. 

We scoured the site and rounded up a list of the top Snapchatters to follow, with an example of some of their best Stories.

(Note: these Stories are filmed on and for smartphones, so either watch on your cell, or excuse the black bars on either side.) 

Sara Hopkins -- also known as @Sayhop -- makes sassy Snapchat Stories that sometimes include her cute pup.

You'll be impressed by @Salliasnap's Stories, which show off her intricate artistic skills.

If you're a Blink182 fan, this Story of @VinceValenti1 'singing' will make you laugh. Actually, all his Stories will in general.

Taylor Nikolai runs an account called @WTFfacts where he recites a bunch of bizarre 'facts' in his Stories.

Christine Mi -- aka @Miologie -- floods her Snap Stories with corny jokes, wry observations, and fun drawings.

The most unique thing about @CyreneQ's Snapchat Stories is how she asks viewers to contribute. Sometimes their outlandish drawings are the best part.

Following @CaseyNeistat will give you an idea of life in New York City -- and all the other places he jet sets off to.

Shaun McBride -- @Shonduras -- was one of the first Snapchatters to score major brand partnerships, because his Stories are so creative and funny. In this one, he takes his followers out on a movie date.

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Thrillist writer @Dinfontay is an awesome weirdo who often shows off the swag he gets from work.

@SunnyMabrey got started on Vine but now brings her weird impressions to her Snapchat Stories (you'll see one about ~20 seconds into the video below).

You'll quickly fall in love with @JeromeJarre, the French Snapchat Star who migrated from Vine but already has more than 1.5 million followers.

@DannyBerk's over-the-top bro-out antics and personality will definitely entertain.

The goofy Mike Platco, @Mplatco on Snapchat, often integrates his drawings with things he sees, making the world a little more magical.

Bonus: Arnold Schwarzenegger is surprisingly candid and funny on Snapchat.

Now, check out a spot-on blog:

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