The Best Snack Food From Every State

New York is well on its way to making yogurt the official state snack.

It turns out that several other states have already designated official snack foods: Jell-O was declared the official snack of Utah back in 2001, and Illinois — a top producer of corn — made popcorn its official snack in 2003.

We think every state should have an official snack food, and researched the best snack from every state in the U.S. Disagree with our taste? Let us know in the comments.

CALIFORNIA: See's Candy, famous for its assorted chocolates and chews, is a California institution. It's practically a faux pas to visit the state without bringing home a box.

DELAWARE: Delaware is famous for its fresh crab, and crab puffs -- made with crabmeat, cheese, and baked or fried -- are the perfect way to enjoy this delicacy in snack form.

GEORGIA: Pimento cheese, dubbed 'caviar of the South,' is a mixture of pimentos, cheddar cheese, mayo, and spices, and is staple on the menu at annual The Masters golf tournament at Augusta National.

IDAHO: Idaho is practically synonymous with the potato, and some of America's best french fries can be found there, at places like Boise Fry Co.

IOWA: The Walking Taco -- a bag of Doritos or Fritos crushed up and filled with taco fixings like sour cream salsa, and jalapeƱos -- was supposedly invented at the Iowa State Fair.

KENTUCKY: State natives are partial to the sticky, cinnamon-crusted rolls from Stroud's, a homestyle staple in the Breadbasket of America.

MARYLAND: If you have a friend from Baltimore, chances are you have heard of the Berger Cookie. These cake-like cookies are topped with a thick layer of chocolate fudge that derives from a German recipe, and put New York's black and white cookies to shame.

MASSACHUSETTS: The Hoodsie Cup is a small waxed-paper cup filled with the delicious pairing of chocolate and vanilla ice cream. Produced by Massachusetts-based dairy company Hood, Hoodsies are available at Walmart and limited grocery stores in the Northeast.

NEVADA: Navajo frybread, traditionally made by Nevada's Navajo tribes, is extremely popular. The fried dough is usually topped with traditional taco fillings like meat, beans, and cheese.

NEW MEXICO: The official state cookie is Bizcochito, a butter- or lard-based cookie that's flavored with anise and cinnamon. It was developed by Spanish colonists, and is usually eaten in the morning with coffee or milk, or during special celebrations.

NORTH CAROLINA: Krispy Kreme doughnuts are huge in North Carolina, which is home to the original shop in Winston-Salem. Stop by the store early to get your glazed doughnut while it's still hot and chewy.

RHODE ISLAND: Almost exclusively found at Rhode Island Italian bakeries and markets, pizza strips are strips of cheese-less and topping-less pizza. The fresh sauce and crispy crust make this a staple snack.

SOUTH DAKOTA: Chislic, or bites of grilled meat served with garlic salt and saltine crackers, is a hearty snack. Popular at bars and the State Fair, Chislic is rarely seen outside the state.

VIRGINIA: Rt 11 Potato Chips' Chesapeake Crab flavour wins hearts across Virginia. The chips are small but crunchy, and use the same blend of peppers, salt, and sugar that restaurants use when steaming bushels of crabs.

WASHINGTON: Seattle is home to Halfpops, which makes half-popped popcorn. The kernels come in both butter and sea salt and white cheddar flavours, and pack more crunch and flavour than regular popcorn.

Looking for something a little more filling?

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